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Work In Progress

When we begin a project, we start by conceptualizing the look and feel of the space.  We then take those ideas and turn them into a visual representation.

Below are some projects LDCi is currently designing and have under construction. 

Sarasota Memorial Hospital Operating Room #1-14-15-16 Renovation
Sarasota, Florida

Moffitt Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories
Tampa, Florida
The project features 10,365 square feet of new research laboratories and 7,000 square feet of renovations of existing laboratories at Moffitt’s McKinley Campus. These research laboratories included Cytogenetics, Molecular, HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen, which matches patients and donors for bone marrow transplants), FISH (Fluorescence In-Situ Hybridization, a test that maps the genetic material in a person’s cell) and Clinical Trials. The challenge on this project was to adequately phase the fourth-floor renovation to align with new air conditioning and ventilation requirements, while allowing for continued work by Moffitt staff. LDCi worked with SSR, Inc. and Mortland Planning and Design to develop phasing, equipment and engineering plans. The project required close collaboration with Moffitt’s research team and the General Contractor, The Whiting-Turner Company. LDCi was essential in developing a state-of-the-art research facility and meeting the budget requirements and project timeline.
Bayfront Health 34th Street - New Outpatient Urgent Care and Rehabilitation Clinic
St. Petersburg, Florida
BayCare Health System – St. Joseph’s Hospital – PET CT Replacement with Philips Ambient Experience Tampa, Florida 
The project is a Nuclear Medicine Diagnostic and Treatment Equipment Replacement. More specifically, interior renovations to provide for replacement of an existing Philips Gemini PET/CT with a new Philips Vereos PET/CT with Ambient Experience. The Uptake Rooms will also be redesigned to receive new ceiling mounted Philips Ambient Experience. The project is located on the first floor of the Medical Arts Building (Ambulatory Occupancy) and the scope of work is approximately 1,100 square feet. 

The Philips Healthcare Ambient Experience integrates architecture, design and enabling technologies, such as dynamic lighting and sound, to allow patients and staff to personalize their environment to create a relaxing atmosphere. Patients are able to select room themes and sounds, empowering them to be involved in their own care. Concurrently, LDCi and Philips’ designers take special care to address the needs of the clinical staff to make their workplace efficient and pleasant.

The Ambient Experience uptake room can help reduce patient anxiety, improve workflow and patient care. The uptake room solution is a stylishly designed ceiling unit that generates specifically created mood settings with practical procedure light and audio settings for an excellent staff working environment. It transforms a standard uptake room into one that changes according to the various workflow steps. In this way, it fully supports the tasks performed by staff and reduces patient anxiety at the same time.

The design team, led by Ryan Murphy, was tasked with integrating the Philips Ambient Experience along with the PET CT replacement to develop a patient-centred environment.
LDCi worked with Advanced Systems and KBA Engineering to design the project. Close collaboration between LDCi, BayCare, the Engineers and Bradford Cummings Inc. was necessary for delivering a patient-centred environment.  

Moffitt Cancer Center – Central Energy Plant Infrastructure Renovation
Tampa, Florida
The Central Energy Plant Infrastructure Renovation is a multi-phased cross-disciplinary effort to update and expand the central energy plant and associated infrastructure of Moffitt Cancer Center’s Magnolia Campus. 

The project scope includes the replacement of existing cooling towers, generators, fuel storage systems, and associated site work for a new two-story electrical building and infrastructure for five new cooling towers and three new fuel storage tanks.  

The design team, led by DPR Construction, is working closely with LDCi, TLC Engineering, Walter P. Moore, and VHB to develop a multi-phased strategy that will allow for uninterrupted operation during construction and assist the facility to reduce its impact on the environment through the selection of energy and water efficient systems.